Company interests


  • Chemical energy production and storage
  • generation facilities using 100%green fuels
  • new technologies
  • sustainability
  • Commercially viable green products

Our Current focus

Utility Scale storage

Intermittent renewables can be used to produce 100% green anhydrous ammonia (NH3), stored indefinitely as a stored fuel for later use in gas turbine generators and combustion engine gensets. 


Communities vulnerable to natural disasters may produce and store their own fuel and generate their own electricity until grid services is restored. We provide solutions to survive.

welcome to REinvent Power 

REinvent Power is an energy solutions company, born of a vision to convert innovative ideas into commercially viable projects.  

We consult with stakeholders to assess energy needs, and then collaborate to apply reliable technologies as 21st Century solutions.

REInvent believes that renewable energy is best presented as a formidable business case, independent of government support or mandates.